“…our goal is to provide your kids with a pleasant and positive first dental visit."

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First Visit for Kids

The American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend a first dental exam by the patient’s first birthday. It is commonly called establishing a dental home. Patients tend to receive proper preventative dental education that will form good dental hygiene during regular visits. This can result in healthier teeth and less tooth decay. We understand that the first time your kids go to the dentist can be uncomfortable and difficult. However, our goal is to provide your kids with a pleasant and positive first dental visit.

You as parents can help us establish that. Please explain to your kids that the dentists and their staff are here to help him/her. Please avoid the use any words that will scare them such as hurt, needles, pull a tooth out, bleeding, etc. prior to seeing us.

When a patient is with us at our office, our doctors and staff will do our best to answer all questions from both patients and their parents. They will also explain procedures step by step. When a patient knows what to expect, he/she will have less anxiety when it comes to procedures.

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Pediatric Dentistry

We strongly encourage regular dental checkups every 6 months for all ages, from infants to teenagers. Primary teeth, or baby teeth, play many important roles. Untreated tooth decay on primary teeth may cause damage to permanent teeth, or adult teeth. Premature loss of primary teeth may cause shifting of primary and permanent teeth, compromising chewing, and proper jaw and/or jaw muscle development.

For your regular dental checkups, our doctors will screen for any visual decay and gum disease. X-rays will give them a better idea of how deep the decays are, and if there are any decay in between teeth, which a visual exam cannot detect. Pediatric treatments will include but not limited to fills, baby tooth extraction, baby tooth root canal/crown, space maintainer, and gum treatments. Crowding may be an indication for braces.

Pediatric dentistry services include:

  • • Exams
  • • X-Rays
  • • Prophy (Cleaning) / Fluoride Varnish
  • • Sealants
  • • Pediatric Treatments
  • • Sedation- Nitrous Oxide/Oral Sedation/Outpatient Surgery center
  • • Orthodontics- Metal/Clear brackets
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